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How to be always on the crest of the digital wave?

Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic areas of work. Rules and trends change daily, and “right” and “wrong” are concepts that have been out of the game for a long time now.

How to always be on the crest of the digital wave and make sure you are aware of the latest developments in the dynamic world of digital marketing?

We have gathered for you our favorite sources of news and research!

The first source of up-to-date and useful information that we present to you is the website Social Media Today! In addition to taking a look at their website on a weekly basis, we highly recommend their weekly newsletter, which is full of useful articles and news. We have no doubt that they will induce your interest.

Social Media Examiner call themselves “Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle” and we consider this to be pretty accurate.
They also have an Instagram account that you can follow to stay up to date and while you spend time on the platform:

Social Media Examiner also have a very useful YouTube channel where they discuss important topics and share a lot of know-how videos:

Social Bakers’ blog is full of useful articles and research, which their team of specialists “bake” and provide for us in an easy and accessible format.

They also have an engaging Instagram account, which is worth clicking the “Follow” button.

Dive into the world of marketing with the excellent in this discipline – Marketing Dive.

5. The Bulgarian blog of Capital

Who says that in Bulgaria there is no valuable, up-to-date and interesting information about digital marketing? Capital is another example that we have everything. Even digitally. Their weekly newsletter for Marketing and Advertising is one of those emails that doesn’t go unread for long.
Useful, systematized and full of specific articles! From SEO optimization tips to social networking tips and tricks. The SEO Charge blog is among the favorite virtual “trips” for fresh ideas.

7. Personalities

Up to date with the news in the digital world through real people! Yes, there are many great profiles of people on social media who take care of providing their followers with the latest features and trends on a daily basis, here are two of our favorites:
Gary Vee
Dain Walker

An Instagram account full of know-how content, including tips for deciphering platform algorithms. We won’t delay you any longer, click to follow: Instagram Creators

9. Facebook for Business & Instagram for Business

Last but not least, when it comes to Facebook and Instagram marketing, we can’t miss to mention the official Facebook for Business website and the official Instagram for Business account where they share news, tips and guidelines for marketers, designers and copywriters.

To always be on the crest of the digital wave, take time each week to follow and read about the news and trends in the industry. Build a routine to start the week with a 30-minute read of your favorite newsletters and digital marketing sites while enjoying your Monday coffee, for example. Guaranteed to be useful and inspiring.

If you need help diving into the depths of digital marketing, feel free to contact us HERE.

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