We are proud of our results and our long-standing customers!

Clear goals, the right approach, accurate targeting, an advertising budget tailored to the market and goals, original content and most of all… persistence. All this in sync with our competent team and clients who trust us year after year – gives great results, which we are proud of. This article is not an account of everything we have achieved in terms of marketing with our diverse clients, but a brief spotlight on three of our long-standing clients and the great results we have reaped together in 2022.

IVECO's socially responsible campaign

In the summer of 2022, IVECO‘s large-scale socially responsible campaign took our team through the highest mountains in Bulgaria. We took on the daunting task of equipping 8 of the most difficult-to-reach shelters in our highest mountains with life-saving equipment. There were no shortage of challenges throughout the process of fulfilling our mission. Not only in the logistical process, but also in the filming of the video for the campaign. The video was shot at one of the highest аnd sharpest edges in Pirin at an altitude of 2760 meters. However, the result of the mission was so satisfying and the cause so close to our team that we are really proud of the results achieved.

In addition to the most important thing that the campaign brings: the opportunity to save a human life in need, the campaign clip became a hit in mountain groups on social networks.

The video reached nearly 500k people, was viewed by over 160k people, shared over 150 times, and engaged around 19k people with its content.

We are happy that IVECO has trusted us since 2017 and that we already take care of their digital presence in five countries, and from 2022 the international brand entrusted us with the development and maintenance of the sites of their dealer network in Central and Eastern Europe.

We can’t wait to realize more and more large-scale and significant projects together!

A healthy smile for more and more people

We are extremely happy when our work and the good statistics for Dr. Hazem’s Clinic, results in more people with a new, healthy smile. As we announced in the first 6 months of our work with Dr. Hazem’s team, we generated over 2500 leads, achieved over 25% conversion to customers and 14330% return on ad spend.
To continue being ROAS champions remained our main goal and it was certainly perfectly fulfilled throughout 2022.

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

Over 5,824 completed contact forms and calls,
of which over 30% converted into customers.

The growth in realized clients is due to the symbiosis of Dr. Hazem’s highly qualified team, which always carefully provides understandable and detailed information to its future patients, as well as the precise targeting and high quality of our services. A feedback video campaign that we created for the clinic also made a serious contribution. In it, we presented a small part of the hundreds of satisfied patients who openly and honestly told their experiences and stories, ending with a healthy smile after their meeting with Dr. Hazem.

Engagement rate in the sky for Isomat Bulgaria

When we started our work with Isomat Bulgaria, we started by building a recognizable style and brand framework that we imposed and users began to recognize it and engage more and more with the generated content. Content that “gives them the floor” and expects them to be the active part. Along with informative posts highlighting the advantages of the brand’s products – a regular presence in Isomat’s content plan is content that:

  • gives valuable tips and information to the builders
  • creates space for discussion between them
  • tracks modern trends in construction

And so after the end of 2022 we are happy with the highest Engagement rate among our main competitors with 57.84.

If you are looking for a partner in the constantly changing marketing environment, with whom you can improve the results of your business, contact us HERE!

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