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In the active season, when the events of any nature increase their number many times, we will tell you about a challenge and we will do so by following this plan to make sure that your EVENT will be more than SUCCESSFUL!

We started the event just ten days before the fixed date, and we had to go quickly and organized through each of the stages below. Well, the result was worth it. 😉

Prior to each event, the right distribution of roles to the team and pre-training is most important. Take the time to allocate tasks and structure the activities. For our client, we had to do two types of research – find the best place for the event and make a guest list. And when the team works well with the short cut-off time is even more easy to adapt.

The most crucial moments at this stage are:

  • select a date – try to select a date that is not during holidays and vacations. Still, if you have a specific date, as in our case and at the peak of Christmas parties look on the bright side – making it harder does not make it impossible. 😉
  • the most appropriate place – you have to consider the location, the number of guests, the type of event and, of course, the atmosphere.
  • duration of the event
  • writing a scenario
  • communication with all participants in the program – an official and informal part of the event
  • guest list
  • decorations and promotional materials
  • communication with the media
event marketing, декорации
event marketing

On the day of the event, everything must be done to perfection and you have to be on the spot long before the start of the event. Unpredictable situations always happen and it is important to have time to react. Do not forget about good communication with all those involved in it – host, musicians, catering etc. Do a DOUBLE CHECK before the start to make sure everything happens smoothly and on schedule.

event marketing, събития, организация
event marketing, събитие,
еvent marketing

When “the curtain falls” the next stage of the event comes – it is time to track how it has been presented in the media and to give even more visibility to your well-done job. It is important to focus on the event in the communication channels and make a detailed report.

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