Three apps that will make your stories WOW!

We are not going to bother you with numbers and figures as you have already read or stumbled upon thousands of articles that say that “stories” are the hottest trend, the fastest developing feature and the best performing tool – you know that you tap and slide more than you scroll up and down.

And yes, stories are no longer just the “new hit,” they are about to massively change the way we use and communicate with social networks. As we all do it (every second user out of 5 publishes stories on a daily basis!) – businesses need not only to start actively using the feature but also to make it informative, engaging, fascinating … like a true story.

That’s why are going to tell you which are the TOP three apps that will turn your stories into a true masterpiece.

best apps for stories 1

70% of Instagram stories are viewed with the sound on! This means only one thing – videos are a must, but they also need to have “what to say”. To make it more gratifying and dynamic – use QUIK. Strikingly intuitive, providing countless templates, with a wide variety of transitions and adding text, Quick is the perfect assistant for creating engaging video content, and the best thing is that you do not have to look for the right sound separately. There are countless possibilities for you to choose the right background music.

Turn into a designer – now! Wondering how? We all dream of creating aesthetically pleasing and finished to perfection content and if you are still not using PicsArt app for the editing of your photos, it is time for you to start doing so. Whatever you want to do with your visuals, with PicsArt it will be easier and faster than ever. We promise that you will not need one editor for creating a 9:16 image ratio, another for selecting a spectacular font or another to add a bit of the modern “noise”, and so on. But, what makes PicsArt even more unique is the unlimited data base of free stickers, frames, fonts and ready to use pictures which are free for editing. We guarantee you that your creativity will be unleashed immediately in the first few minutes of using the app.

Stories are to be told, right ?! When you have more to say and want to keep user attention for longer, the key is to use … more than one Story, so here comes – UNFOLD! With ease, you can create a series of stories that, thanks to a variety of templates, will not be left without response. It offers awesome minimalist, creative designs and collage gadgets, and just in a few seconds you will be able to save your whole series that will trigger a lot of intrigued tapping

Finally, as we promised, Carpe Diem team has prepared something special for you, a fresh template for stories that you can use for a colorful background to share your thoughts.

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