IVECO PROJECT: From local to international cooperation

The digital presence as a key to success

Who are IVECO?

IVECO is an international manufacturer of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, construction site vehicles and passenger transport vehicles. IVECO is the first company to introduce the turbo throughout its diesel range, the first to adopt Common Rail engines and the first to launch EuroV vehicles.

In 1992, 1993 and 2003 IVECO won Truck of the Year title. In 2000 the company won Van of the Year title. Iveco has always been a leader in the competition and has always provided value and quality in order to guarantee the clients’ success.

Why is it important a brand like IVECO to has strong digital presence?

The social platforms could be extremely helpful for the companies to connect better with their clients and their target audience. When used selectively and one step at a time, online platforms are really effective tool for reaching more people, building brand awareness and spreading information to the audience about the activity of the company.

Why IVECO chose Carpe Diem to take care for their digital presence in Bulgaria?

We created a strategy for IVECO’s online positioning and development.
Our purpose was building brand image by making the brand more recognizable and by showing why the company is better than the others.
The platform we chose to operate in was Facebook because it was the best opportunity for reaching the Bulgarian audience.
The chose we made was right and within two years we achieved the following results:

  • We increased IVECO Bulgaria‘s fans from 2301 to 15 873.
  • We increased the daily organic reach from 585 to 1430 people per day.
  • For the video posts of IVECO we increased the average amount of minutes viewed with 11 000%, from 187 to 20 757.
  • Since the beginning of our partnership with IVECO Bulgaria we ran specific campaigns whose purpose was increasing the engagement. The campaigns successfully achieved the purpose by increasing the average engagements of the posts to 213.
IVECO BG Project results

Thanks to the awesome results achieved, we gained IVECO’s trust and they gave us the great opportunity to take care of the IVECO’s online presence at three more countries – Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia – a big challenge which we took with even bigger motivation.

The results we have achieved for the year are excellent:

  • We increased the amount of IVECO’s fans, without running advertising campaigns for page likes. For IVECO Croatia from 1 198 to 2 614, for IVECO Serbia from 1 084 to 1 668 and for IVECO Slovenia from 674 to 1 393.
  • We increased the organic daily reach for all three pages. For IVECO Croatia from 80 to 768, for IVECO Serbia from 55 to 595 and for IVECO Slovenia from 49 to 437.
  • For the video posts of IVECO Croatia we managed to increase the average amount of minutes viewed with 4202%, from 722 to 31 064. For IVECO Serbia the increase is 7163%, from 603 to 43 797 and for IVECO Slovenia the increase is 4538%, from 387 to 17 950.
  • For the year we ran 3 games and 3 main campaigns for increasing the engagement to the pages. The games and the campaigns successfully achieved their purpose and managed to increase the average engagement of IVECO Croatia to 86 times per post, the average engagement of IVECO Serbia to 122 times per post and the average engagement of IVECO Slovenia to 79 times per post.

Along with the pages’ management we also created “IVECO Drivers Club” group in Facebook. The purpose of the group is to narrow the audience by creating directly involved to IVECO’s business community and the group itself to become larger and more engaging.
The amount of the group members at this time is near 1400.

We continue to reach excellent results in 2020 in the beginning of which we have started a campaign in Croatia about IVECO NP trucks.

The campaign’s purpose is to generate online presence and attract potential clients through generating leads to local dealers in order to make a purchase.

In conclusion:

With our work for IVECO within the years we managed to achieve stable partnership and strong trust. This is our main purpose while working with every client, because in Carpe Diem we know perfectly that these are the key factors for building sustainable business relations.

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