How to increase the engagement: Three tested ideas

Anyone who manages the digital presence of their small business or anyone who is part of a marketing agency team is excited about the Engagement.

Growing the level of engagement and increasing the connection with the right target audience is the ultimate goal of every brand.

Therefore, without further ado, we present you three ideas that we have applied to our clients and which have achieved great results.

Dare to be provocative

All of us as users at social networks are constantly exposed to advertising content and are already quite good at skipping it and deliberately ignoring it, which is the biggest scourge for any marketer or business owner. So try to send your messages with non-advertising visions and dare to provoke. Use a location or objects familiar to your audience to create emotion.
Emotions always evoke a reaction, and in the digital world it is equal to engagement.

Create a value-added campaign

Giveaway companies are nothing new and you will not be surprised that they continue to be a good tool for a leap in engagement. What distinguishes good campaigns from mass ones is the quality of the aroused interest and the correctly targeted audience. One of the latest campaigns of the producer of building materials brand ISOMAT, which we created, generated over 250 comments – most of them with valuable advice from both professionals in the industry and those gained in the experience of home repairs. Thus, in addition to engaging the exact target of the brand, we gained added value to its content and thanks to the campaign there was a great discussion with valuable advice, which enriched the community.

Use digital elements in your creatives

Digital elements are part of our daily lives and with them you can easily deliver your messages without many words, and on a subconscious level they can reach your audience. The example with the buttons from a mobile device suggests that with the same ease and technology we can take care of the air with Smart Air Systems and over 200 people have responded to the vision given the brand’s newly created account and the unpopularity of its products on the Bulgarian market. The vision with the characteristic heart that appears when liking an Instagram post is a reminder to consider the creatives in relation to the social network for which they are intended and not to forget the role of the good old “Call to action”.

Whatever approach you take to increase engagement, never change the identity of your brand and think in the long run. If you need help in building your marketing strategy or generating creative content for your business, CONTACT US to talk about your brand and prepare a free personalized offer for you.

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