Carpe Diem How to bring back inspiration Or TOP 3 coffice in Sofia picture

How to bring back inspiration? Or TOP 3 coffice in Sofia!

Everyone who works in the vast world of marketing and has dived into the deep digital waters has been overtaken at some point by the moment when inspiration seems to go away and it does not intend to visit us again. Familiar, huh? A blank document and no text comes out of the keyboard. Thousands of tasks are waiting, and everything seems to look mediocre and far from causing a double tap or “wow”!

The first thing we do is to bring COLOR AND CHOCOLATE to our marvelous office. The view of the green park in front of the office building also helps us a lot and the “tailed” control is merciful and easily approves the posting plan. 😉

Carpe Diem How to bring back inspiration Or TOP 3 coffice in Sofia picture

But the best thing about loving your job (and one of the reasons for doing so) is that we can do it wherever we want. That’s why we are going to share with you three of our favorite coffice venues in Sofia, where CREATIVE THINKING flows with the speed of their stable wi-fi connection, and our inspiration comes with the aroma of their freshly brewed coffee.

“From Barista Coffee and More”

We start with our absolute favorite because they just deserve it. Wonderful atmosphere. Amazing coffee drinks. Comfortable places both with sofas all over the place as well as higher tables and chairs for those of you who prefer a more upright working position. From Barista Coffee and More have provided contacts on each table, if you have forgotten to charge your laptop, as well as wireless chargers if you have left the one for your phone home and your is dying after the countless stories uploads. A printer that you can use freely and … WE MANTIONED COFFEE. We are doing it again! Undoubtedly, one of the best coffee places in the capital. Freshly baked croissants can be your perfect companion, and healthy salads are awaiting you for lunch..

When you decide to go to Bacho Kiro Street 26 look for Carpe Diem – there is a great chance to exchange smiles.


A view of one of the most beautiful parks in Sofia. A wonderful GARDEN FOR OUTDOOR WORK which favours those who want to have their pet by their side. 🙂 Rich menu full of bruschetti, salads and all the necessary coffee drinks. And to top it off – a possibility for direct visibility of your bike for those of you who have decided to get some movement before the start of their work process.
And for you to refresh – we recommend their mint lemonade. 🙂

“The Company”

IN BRUNCH WE TRUST! If your motto sounds like this, then this is where you should definitely start one of your next working days. Their Cappuccino is great. The classic Bulgarian mekicas are a cult. Healthy options represented by spectacular delicious meals with eggs and salads are also not to be missed. And, unlike other popular brunch places in the capital, prices are better and you can easily find a place to sit with your laptop for as long as you want without the need to queue or receive angry looks because you have stayed there for longer.

WRITE TO US and tell us about your favorite places in the city where inspiration awaits around every corner.

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