Consistency In Social Media

Consistency is the key to everything in life, but why is it so important in social media?

The reasons are endless so we will give you only two but fundamental:

Consistency is important to people!

Do you remember the other brand that posted three months ago?
Neither do we.

But we all remember at least a few brands that post new, interesting and relevant content on a daily basis.
As we live a very dynamic and fast life, for our attention to be captured we need consistent (and creative!) reminders and we need them NOW.

Consistency is important to people

It’s important for Their Majesty The Algorithms!

End users should never come second, but let’s talk about Their Majesty The Algorithms for a moment.
The goal of every self respected digital marketer and everyone who works in social media is to foresee, understand (and let’s be honest – to bypass) the platforms’ systems.

The social media algorithms decide when, what and to whom to show certain content. Even though there might be a lot of questions surrounding these algorithms, there are several certain points.
One of them: every social media platform favors accounts that are active and consistent.

What does that mean?

Simply put – the more active you are on each social network, the more effective all your actions there will be. Consistent posting of (quality) content will over time result in a much wider organic reach and will indirectly improve the effectiveness of your ads.

But how can we always be consistent?

We are not going to lie, it’s not possible to always be inspired and fully productive. On the other hand, we can always invest time in planning!

Grab a notebook, a calendar, a white piece of paper, or simply click on one of the platforms we have chosen for you down below and start planning.
Even plan the planning!

The good planning ensures that you have strategically and evenly distributed content over a period of time, scheduled for the suitable posting time.
Sounds great, right?
Because that’s what it is.

Here are a few other tips:

– Plan your main content at least a month in advance and publish up-to-date and trendy content along with it.

– Start working on the next content plan early. This way you can make the most of the burst of productivity and inspiration and not rush at the very last minute.

And because right now we feel a super surge of inspiration and creativity, we have gathered for you several platforms in which content planning happens quickly, easily and conveniently:

– Trello – free version or starting $10 per month
– Asana – free version or starting $10.99 per month
– Canva – free version or starting $9.99 per month
– CoSchedule – $29 per month

Well, any Google Sheets table will do. But any planning is better than no planning at all!

If you do need professionals to take care of consistency in your social networks and your Content strategy – contact us here.

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