Carpe Diem - Dr. Hazem’s clinic Case Study with ROAS 14330%

Dr. Hazem’s clinic Case Study with ROAS 14330%

Or how in 6 months we generated over 2500 leads, achieved over 25% customer conversion and 14330% return on advertising costs for our new client – Dr. Hazem’s clinic, by creating a trilingual website and digital presence on Google and Facebook! In Carpe Diem we have always believed in the power of the smile. This is why we are more than happy that our new clients from Dr. Hazem’s Clinic are giving their clients the confidence to smile.

Dr. Hazem’s team performs jaw restoration with the latest generation of dental implants and their clinic is an international center for implantology, which is a preferred destination for dental tourism. And there is a reason for it.

Dr. Hazem has over 30 years of experience and has developed special protocols for prosthetics with basal implants with a final structure in a surprisingly short time.

What did we do during the first 6 months of working together?


  • We quickly created a trilingual website full of useful information for their future customers and an easy-to-navigate interface
  • We generated over 2,500 leads through Google and Facebook ads
  • Over 25% of the leads were converted into customers
  • We have achieved the great return on ad spend (ROAS): 14330%
  • We kept a high Click Thru Rate for search ads in Bulgaria, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg while keeping the prices per click low
  • Excellent content marketing engages, educates and generates traffic

In details:

1. Fast creation of trilingual website

The marketed product meets several criteria that complicate the purchase decision:
– It is directly related to health and appearance
– The relatively high price of the premium service with the latest generation of equipment
– The interventions are carried out only in Bulgaria while our target audience includes 4 more countries

This required the site to be detailed and informative and to emphasize the great advantages of the service and to answer the most important questions of the potential user, without complicating his experience on the site. The interface had to be intuitive and contacting the clinic had to be аs easy as possible. You can view it here.

2. Funnel

With digital presence including excellent search ads on Google which resonated with the needs of the target audience and with attractive creatives and copywriting in Facebook ads in 6 months we generated over 2,500 leads, over 25% of them became customers of Dr. Hazem’s clinic and are now enjoying life with new smiles built with the latest basal technology.

3. Key performance indicators

We are sure that the top 3 goals of all digital marketers аre big ROAS, high CTR (Click Thru Rate) and low CPC (Cost per Click).
During the past 6 months we achieved 3/3 of them once again.

We achieved an extremely high ROAS 14330%, and the generated CTR (Click Thru Rate) is 12.35% on Google and 7.32% on Facebook. Achieved average CTR values on both platforms and cost-per-clicks are:

4. Content marketing

Over the past half year, we have worked in several areas with the content of the Facebook page of Dr. Hazem Dental Clinic:

We educated:

We shared real feedback from satisfied customers:
We engaged:
We called for action:

The combination of all the effort and the uncompromising professionalism of the specialists from the team of Dr. Hazem were the perfect combination for achieving excellent marketing results and hundreds of satisfied customers who smile with confidence every day.

We continue to work together for even better results and even more smiling people!
If you also need successful digital marketing, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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