3 Instagram updates you should know

3 Instagram updates you should know

At the end of 2019, Instagram remains one of the social networks with the highest engagement, and more and more users are choosing to spend more time and communicate with their loved ones on Instagram compared with other networks. So here are THREE OF THE LATEST NEWS around the platform that you should know

Instagram is testing augmented reality

Yes, you read correctly, Augmented Reality – which is almost like a type of virtual reality, but you are magnifying one factor of reality instead of creating an entire landscape. It is believed that this functionality will have enormous value in marketing.

You have already come across filters or applications that put on lipstick or makeup or change your hair color to see if it works out for you. They only change one thing from the image or the reality you see, but they do it in a way that offers extremely valuable context that can help consumers make a purchase decision.

Instagram is now actively testing the platform’s augmented shopping feature with select advertisers.

For the first time we see something like this on a social platform. Although it’s not a big leap in technology, it steps on the same technology used to create VR filters that can make you look like a unicorn, with rainbow coming out your ears. This feature is being tested for the first time in the sales sector.

When users browse certain products, they will see the “TRY” option. So testing products like sunglasses, lipsticks and anything else will take us to a whole new dimension.

We can’t wait for Instagram to post more information about the tests’ results. What about you?

Instagram’s instant messaging app “Treads”

Instagram has launched its standalone INSTANT MESSAGING APP, which is technically a separate app, but is still somewhat integrated within the platform.

It’s free and comes with a whole list of new features.

Imagine a symbiosis between Stories and full-screen personal messages. Vertical images and videos that you can send quickly and easily.

In addition to quickly sharing with close friends, we have the ability to choose an up-to-date status such as “in the gym” or “on the go,” “busy,” etc. It is noteworthy that at present Treads is extremely focused on the user and his pure communication with those who are closest to him.

How long will this remain as the main focus of the app is yet to be seen.

Testing the feature “Reminder” for new products

Instagram has announced that it is testing reminders for launching products through a special ОNlINE SHOPPING FEATURE .

This is another feature that has huge potential for trading companies that sell physical goods through the platform.

It allows companies, using the shopping platform, to learn about and see the products that are about to be sold.

The feature will allow you to add a sticker to your Story, which lets people know exactly when a product will be available, as well as the ability for the user to set a reminder if they wish.

When the product is already online, users will receive a notification that returns them to the product on Instagram with a purchase option.

With this feature, brands will be able to turn regular product launches into a huge event and increase initial sales of their new collections.

This feature is currently being tested with select advertisers, but there is a real chance that this tool will become more widespread soon.

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