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Effective management and rapid growth for only 100 days


When you are one of the biggest publishers of print media and newspaper website №1 in Bulgaria, like our client “24 hours”, you cannot leave anything behind, especially your social media presence. For almost 26 years, “24 hours” has developed the reputation of a leading informative media with quality real-time information being its trademark and keeping the high standard for all their communication channels is a must although the media was struggling with properly managing its Facebook page.

The problem

As 24 hours printed edition and website, the Facebook page needed to be always up to date with the news posted on the website and on top of all other media pages, which is a hard task for the social media management team. In order to achieve that “24 hours” recognised the need of a more professional look of the page as well as for the information on the page to be channeled, the dozens of comments of fans to be moderated and administered properly, and to give quick and accurate feedback to users on the page while driving traffic to its website.


The main problem was that the whole process of uploading information, managing fans comments and messages is very dynamic. Not like your average Facebook page, there is information in bulk to be posted every day and a massive number of comments and messages to be answered. For those reasons the 24 hours’s page had over 20 ADMINISTRATORS but on the other hand that made it hard for it to be strategically controlled and managed. Our team often had to administer the administrators because of their large scale and lack of communication between one another. When there was a breaking news, comments on its post were several hundred. There were on average 30 TO 40 NEWS POSTS on the page every day.

Another challenging aspect of managing 24 hours Facebook page was when we covered elections, something that happened twice. In Bulgaria during the election period, on the day before and the day of elections, results cannot be officially announced until 19:00, but as a leading media, 24 hours had constant, real-time data and we posted information about general and regional results every two hours throughout the day. That sparked loads of comments, conversations, messages and traffic so the page required 24/7 MONITORING.

What we did

This project was all about optimization and constant accurate management. 24 hours has a lot – like a lot – of news and material to publish daily and having a professional and well optimized Facebook page helps massively with reaching a large number of people by communicating information in the quickest possible way. That required complete dedication of our whole team, advanced management skills, hard work and smart and strategic planning in advance.

Furthermore we proficiently used social media advertising in our favour and did ads for reach when we wanted people on Facebook to learn a certain news from 24 hours’s page first, as well as when we wanted to promote some of its initiatives. We also made ads for conversions – for page views and for page likes – then it still made sense to have them.

As a whole, not only did we create ads and moderated all the information brought by journalists from “24 hours”, but we also did 24/7 administration on the page, we had a person on duty every day and the page was checked every hour because of the extremely large number of comments and messages.

Carpe Diem 24 hours social boost picture


With proper management, strategic planning and the right tactics we managed to put 24 hours’s Facebook page ahead of all other media pages and turn it into the place where people receive real-time information and news first. For a short period of only about 100 days our team managed to increase the average number of daily organic likes on the page by 24% and net likes on a daily basis with 323% by providing the right content that users want at the right time. The number of fans of the page increased with more than 22 000. Overall page reach grew with 38% going from 7 355 884 to 10 162 586 people along with an increase in posts reach by 58%, from 4 601 784 to 7 291 239 people. The number of clicks on the page increased with 32% and there was a massive growth in the number of impressions the page received on a daily basis, from 7 141 063 to 11 130 802. All of that by simply optimising and organising the page, smart usage of Facebook ads, strategic planning and proper coordination and administration of the whole team involved in the management and support of the page.

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