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“I could tell you my adventures—beginning from this morning, but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”


Carpe Diem provides opportunities that could build the perfect mirror-image for you business ideas. For us enjoying equal partnership is in the core of successful collaboration. That is why we present you our mirror-image as seen through the eyes of our clients.
"Before we laid the beginning of our cooperation with Carpe Diem, our team faced a serious challenge related with the creation of the entire corporate identity. Carpe Diem's professional services succeeded in orientating us and generalized our ideas and notions as well as realized them in a way that coincides with the mission of our company. The innovative methods, creative and copy write of our partners contributed for the successful realization of series presentation materials and Christmas campaigns. We recommend the services of Carpe Diem to the companies who understand that they need interference, but can't succeed to define the missing links in their work.”

Margarita Popivanova, Trade Director at Agromah
"For the period of March 2012 until now Carpe Diem is in charge of the creation and management of the image of Aladin Foods in the social networks. Thanks to the daily efforts that the team exerts, we succeeded to transform the stream of real clients into a big and stable online community. We achieve our goals: to enhance the brand awareness, to popularize existing and newly opened restaurants; to develop the online reputation of Aladin Foods and most of all to establish successful and working channel for prompt feedback from our clients and fans.

During the last years Carpe Diem made the creative and the development of more than 50 games and promotions. Another result of our cooperation is the creation of 5 other accounts in the social networks. There aren't any unapproachable goals for Carpe Diem especially if they are connected to continuous work and original methods for their realization” "

Khaled Kharfan, Executive director at Aladin Foods
"We work with Carpe Diem team for 8 years already. For the past period we started series of new projects. Carpe Diem projected the design and programmed our website, created corporative profiles on the social networks and helped us organize and popularize many events. We launched a number of new initiatives, online games and applications on the advice of Carpe Diem, who always put us the right way for professional development. We recommend Carpe Diem for the innovative thinking, the fast reaction and the strong commitment.“

Simeon Prisadashki, Owner and CEO at JoSi
"Why Carpe Diem? They were amongst the first partners who stood next to us, when we took up the difficult task to talk about the Water in Bulgaria. The exceptional professionalism, responsive team and the company's reputation helped for the realization of interesting and original events, which received a wide response in the public. A responsible team should take care of the organization of big events. This is the reason why we strongly recommend the professional services of Carpe Diem."

Antoaneta Salfidge, president of the I Love Water Association

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